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Micardis Telmisartan

Related post: BIO-ASSAY The complex composition of ergot makes chemical assay practically out of the ques- tion. The same objection, but to a lesser degree, holds for the bio-assay (Edmunds and Hale, 1911). The ideal would be to measure the therapeutically desirable effects; but it is not certain that any of the present methods accomplish this result. The cock's-comb test is the most widely Telmisartan Micardis employed and probably the most satisfactory. This reaction was described by Lorinser, 1824; used experimentally by Gruenfeld, Telmisartan Hctz 1802 and 1895, under Robert; and applied commercially by Hough ton, 1898. The details are described by Amlodipine Telmisartan Edmunds and Hale, 1911, and in U.S.P. IX. It estimates mainly the ergotoxin, but is also affected by the histamin. Its results agree Telmisartan 40 very closely with the more complex uterine method of Edmunds, 1908. Another uterine method is described by F.E.Stewart and Pittenger, 1913. Dixon, 1906, and Wood and Hofer, 1910, propose ithe Hood-pressure rise as a test; but this gives conflicting results, as might be expected from the opposing actions Order Telmisartan Online of the constituents. Telmisartan Tablets PREPARATIONS ERGOT Ergota, U.S.P., B.P.; Ergot 1 (Secale cornutum). A fungous growth, Claviceps purpurea, from rye. Generally collected in Russia or Spain. Should not be older than one year. Dose, 2 Gm., 30 gr., U.S.P.; i to 4 Gm., 15 to 60 gr., B.P. I Ext. Ergot., U.S.P. A pilular extract, prepared by defatting ergot with benzin, extracting with acidulated alcohol, and evaporating. Dose, 0.25 Gm., 4 gr., U.S.P Ext. Ergot., B.P.; Ext. Ergot. Purif. (Ergotin Bonjean). A soft watery extract, purified by partial precipitation with alcohol. Dose, 0.12 to 0.5 Gm., 2 to 8 gr. Ergotin. -This name has been applied to very different preparations. They are denned in N.N.R. Haskell, 1914, found that "ergotin" and powdered extract produced all the typical 1 From the French, "ergot," a cock's spur, which it resembles in appearance. UTERINE SEDATIVES Telmisartan 80 AND HEMOSTATICS 367 effects of ergot, but that the effects on the uterus are weakened much more than those on blood pressure. *Fluidextractum Ergotcz (Fldext. Ergot.), U.S.P. Prepared with acidulated dilute alcohol. Dose, 2 c.c., Telmisartan Amlodipine 30 minims, U.S.P. *Ext. Ergot. Liq., B.P. An aqueous solution, preserved with alcohol. Dose, 0.6 to 1.8 c.c., 10 to 30 minims, B.P. Inf. Ergot., B.P. 5 per cent. Dose, 30 to 60 c.c., i to 2 ounces, B.P. *Inject. Ergot. Hyp., B.P. 33 per cent, of Ext. Ergot., B.P., preserved with i per cent, of phenol. Dose, 0.3 to Purchase Telmisartan Online 0.6 c.c., 5 to 10 minims, B.P. Tr. Ergot. Amman., B.P. 25 per cent., with dilute alcohol and ammonia. Dose, 2 to 4 c.c., % to i dram, B.P. Er golinincR Citras, N.N.R. The weaker alkaloid of ergot. Dose, 0.3 to 0.6 mg., 1 '200 S r -> hypodermically, N.N.R.' Ustilago Maydis. Corn Telmisartan Online Smut. A fungus analogous to Ergot, found on the corn- plant. Little is known Purchase Telmisartan about its composition or action, although it has been employed by the negroes for abortion, and stock-raisers have also observed that it has an ecbolic effect. Robert states that it does not produce the ergot action on the cock's comb. He must have worked with old samples, since the author obtained the typical darken- ing from several different samples. However, the action is quite weak, and the drug does not deserve much attention unless it should be possible to isolate the principles in more active form. It Buy Telmisartan possesses resins, such as form the active principles of ergot. Gossypii Radicis Cortex, B.P.; Cotton Root-bark. The dried root-bark of Gossypium herbaceum and other species. This also was used as abortifacient by the negroes. It contains resins, but no alkaloids nor tannin (Power and Browning, 1914, Zellner, 1910). Clinical Buy Telmisartan Online and experimental reports are not favorable; the perfused uterus, however, is stimulated (Scott, 1911). Dec. Gossyp. Rad. Cort., B.P. 20 per cent. Dose, 15 to 60 c.c., }4, to 2 ounces, B.P. Ext. Gossyp. Rad. Cort. Liq., B.P. Dose, 2 to 4 c.c., % to i dram, B.P. ECBOLICS (OXYTOCICS) AND EMMENAGOGUES Ecbolics are remedies which Micardis Telmisartan stimulate the gravid uterus to the expul- sion of the fetus. When used in the non-gravid condition, they often increase the menstrual flow, and are then called Emmenagogues. Besides the Ergot group, one may count here: I. All drugs which produce congestion of the abdominal organs. This generally ex- tends to the pelvic organs as well. 1. All Drastic Purgatives. Aloes, Myrrh, etc. 2. Irritant Volatile Oils, especially Savin, Thyme, Pennyroyal, and Turpentine. 3. All other Intestinal Irritants: Cantharides, Quinin, Digitalis, Metals, etc. A similar action is also claimed for Borax, but may be considered doubtful. It must be remembered that these Generic Telmisartan irritants produce their ecbolic effect only second- arily to a gastroenteritis. The latter may be so violent as to be fatal without accom- plishing the desired result. They should not be employed for ecbolics, but at most as emmenagogues. 4. Application of heat or counterirritants to pelvic region or feet: hot foot- or hip- baths, mustard plasters, hot irrigations of the vagina, etc. These milder measures are only emmenagogue. When nutrition is low, they may be greatly aided by tonics. II. All drugs which stimulate unstriped muscle Muscarin, Nicotin, Pilocarpin, Physostigmin, Order Telmisartan Hydrastis, etc. may act as ecbolics, but can not be used in practice. UTERINE SEDATIVES AND HEMOSTATICS A number of drugs of ill-defined actions are popularly credited with 'quieting the excitability of the uterus," especially the pains of prema- 368 MANUAL OF PHARMACOLOGY ture labor; with contracting os uteri; with arresting Buy Cheap Telmisartan uterine hemorrhage;
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